You will leave us feeling better!


At Baldivis Health & Fitness we offer 1 hour and half-hour rehabilitation appointments. We recommend the first appointment be an hour, this will enable a proper professional consultation. This consultation will include a previous and current health and lifestyle history, a posture analysis and may or may not include functional testing. The half-hour appointment is best recommended for small flare-up problems or as part of an ongoing rehabilitation or maintenance program.

For ongoing rehabilitation following an injury, surgery, or other treatment we offer the option to combine Remedial Massage, Physical Therapy, and all of the above within the 1-hour appointment to regain full function.

Every appointment will include a consultation to enable our Therapist to ensure the proper techniques and assessments be applied to ensure the desired outcome.


We will focus on ABILITY and You will leave us feeling better!

It’s our passion to transform peoples’ lives so that they feel comfortable and empowered to achieve their life goals, physical fitness goals, and social bonding in a non-judgmental secure setting and all of that in a fun, healthy fitness environment! We want everyone to feel inspired, motivated, and successful in an uplifting and encouraging space.

We strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment from the first interaction. Our programs are for those with any dis/ability, mental health condition, senior in age or whom otherwise will benefit from working with an instructor with a strong background in rehabilitation working with various disabilities, injuries, and health conditions.

We take pride in offering planned and tailored one-on-one sessions and private small group sessions (where possible and desired) from our experienced instructor who values and understands that each person is unique and works with them in a devoted and compassionate way.

At Baldivis Health & Fitness we believe that any goal is achievable, and every person should have the same opportunities.  We focus on ABILITY!

If you like to meet and greet with our instructor first to feel comfortable, ask questions, and make sure that we are your choice, then feel free to contact us and we will make a time to meet (no charge).

Our support is extended (but not limited) to:

  • NDIS and Capacity Building Supports
  • Plan Management Provider participants
  • Liaison with other service providers
  • Senior participants
  • Junior participants
  • School and community programs

And includes post-surgery rehabilitation, sport injury rehabilitation.