Why every Teenager should do some form of fitness

Why every Teenager should do some form of Fitness! Baldivis Health and Fitness puts it this way! Discipline and fitness are essential for teenagers for a variety of reasons as they play a crucial [...]

End of Season Wind-up at XLR8 Obstacle Course in Baldivis

An end-of-season windup event at XLR8 Obstacle Course is an absolute blast for team spirit! this: your entire team, coaches, and staff tackling challenging obstacles together, side by side, in the great outdoors. It's [...]

Why Boxercise?

Why Boxercise? Boxercise at Baldivis Health & Fitness is an awesome exercise class for several reasons!Â đŸ„Š First off, boxercise is a fantastic full-body workout that combines elements of boxing with traditional exercise routines. It’s not about [...]

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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